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Ozone sauna

Ozone Sauna


-The body must have oxygen to survive and is only able to maintain life for 7 minutes without it.

- When dinosaurs were leaving their fossil footprints on the Earth, the oxygen content of the atmosphere was 30-50%. And, while it varies planet-wide,  the oxygen content now hovers anywhere between 10% in industrial areas to 21%.  We cannot survive with less than 7% oxygen.

-Oxygen is necessary for the production of cellular energy (ATP). This energy fuels the cleaning and healing processes of the body.


It is clear that oxygen is vitally important for not only our good health, but also our survival. Without it, and good nutrition, our bodies become stagnant and oxygen does not flow in. Where there is a lack of flow and oxygen in the body, there is dis-ease.


Do you experience any of these?


Frequent Illness

Brain Fog

Infected Wounds


Aches and Pains


There are several ways to deliver ozone to the body.  I use the transdermal method of: ozone steam sauna.  Gentle and effective, and when paired with lymphatic work, toxins clear out efficiently with little to no healing detoxing crisis.


These and many more discomforts may benefit from the use of oxygen therapy. There are many research papers, clinical trials and case histories about how people whose prospects for a good life, were dismal, and yet, with oxygen therapy, they found life. It is not a magic bullet, but it is one more power tool for your Wellness Tool Kit.


Check out this web site for much more in-depth information: and then let us schedule a time for you to come in and give your body what it craves.


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