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Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET)


Lymphatic Drainage Utilizing LET (Lymphatic Enhancement Techonolgy)


Powerful, cleansing and essential to life, the lymphatic system is known as the River of Life, and conversely The Sewer System of the Body.

It is both, removing metabolic trash and bringing in life-giving nutrients.

 Toxins or poisons come to us in the form of industrial manufacturing by- products; pollutants; electromagnetic fields; excess pollen; information overload. All these things and more challenge us everyday in our air, water and food, even if we are living a healthy lifestyle.

 We are sometimes told it’s old age, but that is not completely true. Toxins build up in us as a by-product of life. When the body and lymphatic system are overwhelmed by metabolic trash, the trouble begins. It may start with small discomforts and may lead to larger problems. 

 In my approach to assisting with the revitalization of the lymphatic system, I use a FDA registered lymphatic drainage machine made by Arcturus Star Products. It has a base unit fitted with two medical grade quartz glass wands on leads. It employs the use of sound and electrical vibrations, which are programmed to match the frequencies of the healthy body, and based on the work of Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla in healing with sound, electricity and negative ionic fields. With the aid of a separate head, the machine also has a way of shifting unwanted energies in the energetic field of the body. This may result in emotional healing, as well.

 Whether you feel tired all the time, or are experiencing a health issue that no one can seem to find an explanation for; pre or post surgery to speed healing; chronic conditions which are difficult to improve and you have been told that you’ll just have to live with it, improved lymphatic flow will help the body to help itself. It is a course of action that partners with you and the natural way your body heals itself.  Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) is non-invasive and gentle


If you choose this way, during a time of consultation, I will be happy to answer questions, provide information and assist you on your journey to improved health.  Kindly Book your initial consultation now, by emailing or calling 972-890-1354.



The Treatment Session

The treatment can be anywhere from one or more hours. It is considered an on-skin treatment. Most people find the treatment is extremely relaxing, although others find it energizing. The glass wands with noble gases sealed within, are run over the body or held for periods of time in congested areas. The practitioner manually, gently pumps areas that are congested along with working on groups of lymph nodes to encourage movement of trash and fluid. 


How Many Treatments Does it Take?

Good question. This depends upon how your body responds to the treatment; how long this condition been with you; what kind of body chemistry to you have (acid or alkaline); what food and lifestyle choices do you make and what kind of exercise you do, or don't do. 

This treatment is much more effective when the body chemistry is in the alkaline pH range and food choice coaching is a part of each session. 


How do I get started?

It begins with a phone call at which time you will discuss with Anne your health concerns and how LET will benefit you. 

If you decide to schedule an initial appointment, you will be sent an intake form which you can complete and bring with you to your first visit.

Call Anne Kojan today to see what LET and the Lymph Star Pro can do for you. Office- 972-890-1354


More Information

If you would like to know more about the Lymph Star Pro machine, please contact Arcturus Star Products,  the creators and producers of this wonderful machine( . Or by phone: 1-888-730-1053 and please mention that you saw them on Anne Kojan's web site.

And, there are informative articles about how LET and the Lymph Star Pro work to be found at

Desiree DeSpong is the Arcturus Star Products sanctioned instructor in the use of the Lymph Star Pro and developer of LET. 


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