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Faster eft/ Eutaptics

Faster eft (or Feft) stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations.  (aka: Eutaptics)


It is a belief-change technique which means it causes the mind to change it’s belief about old worn out, limiting behaviors or belief patterns.


You do not have to know the root of a problem to clear and release it.

If you have painful thoughts or memories that replay over and over in your mind in an endless loop, then belief change work may help you to release them so you may be freed to move ahead and live your life.


Feft , was created by Robert G. Smith in the late 1990s and is a combination of several other techniques such as: NLP, EFT,BSTT and TFT, and others. 


The technique uses a simple tapping method on several meridian points of the body. There are no long scripts to memorize or special ways to say things as you tap. It is straight forward tapping, using the words “I release”, or “I let go”,, or “I release and let go”.


Any ‘problem’ can be addressed, from being addicted to Dr Pepper to PTSD. Anyone can learn to do this on themselves. I have experienced the results for myself and found it easy and effective, although,, some Kleenex tissues were involved as releases occurred, it has all been productive and freeing to release old traumas.


With my clients, I have been able to clear one woman with a life-long fear of heights and an 80 yr old woman of her chronic low back pain.

It was all emotionally based and now, unnecessary to endure.


If you have questions, feel free to call me @ 972-890-1354. Also, if you have more questions, I suggest that you visit the official Feft website: to learn more and to view videos of the technique being used on grateful clients.

Go to the website, click on About Robert, scroll down a few lines to the red print which reads : free online healing library available on You Tube. 


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