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Cygnus foot bath


The Cygnus Aqua-Cleanse™ 

The Cygnus footbath is a therapeutic instrument used for cleansing the body and inducing energetic balance through an ionized water bath for the feet. It can also be used for the entire body in a bathtub...AND its transmission heads are designed to use without the water bath for light therapy directly on the body! The ionization technology in the Cygnus provides a DC electrical field that has been found to be beneficial by nourishing the living energy field. Where electrical energy is blocked in the meridian system, the flow of healthy energy is stopped. When using the Cygnus, these pathways are recharged and opened. Next, cells are oxygenated for accelerated cellular respiration. And finally, toxins are released into the lymph system and are electro-magnetically attracted to the soles of the feet and into the water. Tissues and organs are cleansed through this process, improving overall health! 

Users:  Restrictions: None


This footbath does not cause the water to become dark or rusty looking.  It is a wonderful therapy for sprained ankles, broken toes or pre and post foot surgery recovery.  The many meridians in the foot are accessed and bathed in healing vibration, which reach the entire body.



-I love coming to see Anne. She just makes me feel better. I do a lot of things on a regular basis to keep myself on the path to good mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. She delivers the occasional message from Spirit when my body needs some guidance.

The lymph machine Anne uses plus the ionic foot bath followed by reflexology are an especially important part of my program that go together with other holistic methods I have chosen and practice often.

  The good visit is always enjoyable too.

Bill M. 

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