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Most people are not quite sure what Aromatherapy is. It is not a vanilla scented candle from the drugstore or perfume.


Everything has a vibration.  Sound and light have it; tables, rocks and us, everything. Plants too, have their own vibration and each one is an individual with different properties. When plant material, of say, peppermint, is distilled, its properties are concentrated and the product of this distillation is known as an essential oil.  So, all those ‘powers’ that it has as a plant are concentrated. Several of peppermints ‘powers’ are: settling an upset stomach, uplifting moods and soothing itchy skin.


Essential oils may provide amplified results over herbs or tinctures and some can be used without dilution. Mostly, it is best if they are cut with carrier oils, or as an addition to a lotion or in blends, where they can be mixed with other oils to address a physical or emotional needs.


Aromatherapy is a subtle, but powerful modality, which works by entering the limbic system, located in the nasal passages. The properties of the oils interact with the limbic system of the brain and travel to the pituitary and pineal glands, and the amygala where they have effect.

A simple example of this is to recall a time when your grandmother baked an apple pie and took it out of the oven in your presence. The aroma of it filled your nose and the memory of it makes you smile, close your eyes and take a deep relaxing breath, reliving that wonderful memory. The memory triggers feelings, which result, in this example: physical and emotional effects. That’s aromatherapy.



I create custom aromatherapy blends. Together we will determine what your physical/emotional needs are and I will mix together the essential oils that are best for you and your needs.  Provided also, will be instructions on how the blend will best be used by you, ie: inhale, apply, bath, etc.


Your custom blend comes with a report that I prepare for you, which outlines what the oils are doing for you and your particular issues and challenges which are being addressed. 

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