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My name is Anne Kojan and this website offers you a little taste of what my practice is about. The people who come to see me are those who are seeking their way back to wellness; those who are maintaining it; and the proactive folks who are into preventative measures.  I’ve spent time in each one of those baskets, so I know how it feels to be very ill and also, how it feels to be in great health. My practice is one, which encompasses Body, Mind and Spirit, since it’s all connected.


I believe our physical state mirrors our emotional and energetic states, and that our words, actions and beliefs can powerfully affect our health and well-being.


I also believe that where there is life, and the willingness to do something different, that there is hope.  


I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage, and have also completed both of the two available levels of lymphatic drainage training using the Lymphstar machines. I was trained in 2009 by Desiree Desprong of New Zealand, the founder of the LET (lymphatic enhancement therapy) .


I am also a Certified Aromatherapist as of 2009. I was trained by Meg Shehad, owner of Gritman Essential Oils, a leading  and established name in Aromatherapy in this country. I received certificates of completion in Practical Aromatherapy and Spiritual Aromatherapy during live, in-person classroom study.


I use other natural, holistic modes of healing, all non-invasive, drug-free and pain-free.  I am a soul intuitive and as such, work with you on all levels of your being.


Please feel free to contact me about whether my methods are a fit for you and your goals.  

Thank you for your interest. or 972-890-1354



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