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Heal Yourself; Heal the World


Welcome to my website.

I am pleased to offer several modalities, which work together well.

Each one is non-invasive, gentle and uses the healing gifts that Nature has provided.


Lymphatic Drainage   I use a machine, which employs sound and electrical frequencies: healthful negative ionic force fields and contrasting color LED light. Together, they encourage release of metabolic trash and drainage.

Aromatherapy  Essential oil therapy is subtle yet powerful in shifting beliefs and emotional issues. I can intuitively guide you to which oil or oils are appropriate for you to use or create a custom blend for you.

Color Light Therapy Very good for very sensitive people. The various colors with the own characteristics support targeted parts of the body.

Faster eft/ Eutaptics  Also known as tapping, this method has proven to help change beliefs and old engrained patterns. It is a form of belief-change work, which truly helps to release unproductive ways of thinking which can be the root to disease.

Ozone Sauna The ozone sauna provides a way to introduce more oxygen into the body. Oxygen is essential for health and healing. The amount of oxygen available for uptake helps the body with numerous goals, including detox, aches, pains and boosting the immune system.

Stones Stone grids; custom made healing gemstone jewelry; large and small stones for purchase.

Cygnus Foot Bath sound heads immersed in the foot bath water deliver healing vibrations to the feet, ankles and calves of the leg, and directly on the meridians of the body for a full body experience. 


My approach to pairing the appropriate modality to your needs is guided by intuition. Results and speed of those results vary widely. Some of the determining factors are, frequency of sessions (sometimes more is not better), your diet, life style, beliefs, and amount of time the malady has been with you.


It is my aim to provide my clients with a tool-kit of things they are able to use and do for them selves. We are all responsible for our own well-being and healing. I am here to help you on your journey, to experience a life that is better.

 I look forward to working with you on your health goals. 






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